Speed of scanjet scanners (ADR) Automatic Document Feeder?

Answer……Too many to list.There is a kit available for cleaning the ADF, recommend you look into it

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How to Load Paper in the Automatic Document Feeder of an HP J4550?

You can load paper of different sizes on your automatic document feeder. The automatic document feeder on your HP J4550 is capable of holding up to 50 pages. Load paper in the automatic document fe... Read More »

How do I clean the automatic document feeder on a HP C6180 printer?

You say you want to clean the ADF, but you say you have the problem when you print. The ADF is used when scanning or copying, not printing. So do you have a problem when you scan or copy? or just w... Read More »

How does the ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) work with a scanner?

2 different questions. The ADF is used when scanning a stack of documents and uses the paper feeder. The platen scanner needs to be clean for the best image.

Who was the inventor of the automatic dog feeder?

In 1974, Angelo T. Marzocco of Fremont, California invented and applied for a patent on the automatic dog feeder. The patent was approved in 1976. In 1988, Douglas C. Peng of Canada invented an imp... Read More »