Speed Reading Games?

Answer Some people can read as fast as they speak, which is about 240 words per minute, and some can read as fast as they hear, which is a bit faster and goes up to 360 words per minute. Especially in ad... Read More »

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Activities for Skim Reading to Improve Speed-Reading?

Skimming is used to quickly find the main ideas of a text, as a preface to speed-reading. Learning to skim-read well will aid in increasing your reading speed. Skim reading is much faster than regu... Read More »

Activities for Skim Reading to Improve Speed Reading in EFL?

As students are often required to remember a significant amount of material, an understandably slow reading pace can be frustrating for those learning English as a Foreign Language (EFL). When a st... Read More »

How to Speed Up Reading?

College students know the importance of being able to read quickly; most are overburdened with course readings they often cannot finish. The average person reads 200 to 400 words per minute when re... Read More »

Speed Reading Courses?

Speed reading classes can be beneficial to anyone who has a need to read and comprehend lengthy written works. There are a great number of courses available, from ExecuRead to MrKent; these courses... Read More »