Speed Limits on the Autobahn?

Answer Germany's autobahn motorway is a network of limited-access freeways providing a driver with a speedy route from city to city. The first stretch of the autobahn was opened between the cities of Colo... Read More »

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What are the speed limits in the USA?

Where I'm from:Highways- 65mphCity streets- 35-50mphResidential areas- 15-25mphIt all depends on how big or busy the streets are or in residential areas. How close the house are to each other

Speed Limits?

Much as I agree 100% with your logic (never mind speed limits, look at what a modern car's brakes can do in relation to the braking distances set out in the Highway Code!), I don't think raising th... Read More »

Why are speed limits so low?

because of the part of the car that sits in the drivers seat it's exactly those kind of conditions that are most dangerous

British Speed Limits?

I think speed limits are a sensible guide, not a target. Does it really matter if you are 5 minutes late feeling safely relaxed. Stats have proved that reducing limits actually helps traffic to flo... Read More »