Speech problem with 4 year old?

Answer A lot of children are quite late in learning to speak.Have you tried using "Jolly Phonics" system with him?? I have worked with a number of children age 4/5yrs whom have had speech difficulties and... Read More »

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Any ideas on helping a preschool child with a speech problem?

You need to talk with that "help." Is it an aid or a speech therapist? You should have a copy of the IEP or educational plan that was worked out with the school. You should have received some s... Read More »

Im really having problem with finding a job fo 14 year olds?

The problem is your age so, if you truly want a job, you might have to do something you don't particularly want to do. Unfortunately, that is life. In many states, you cannot be formally employed... Read More »

Problem Solving Speech Topics?

You may be faced with crafting a problem-solving speech when talking in front of a group of students about to apply to colleges, a business facing a crisis or any other group of people feeling part... Read More »

What is the name of the speech every US President gives once a year at the beginning of the year in January?

This is known as the State of the Union speech or address.