Spectacularly painful tiny splinter stuck in my finger...?

Answer put ur finger in warm water it will probably pull it out or try scraping with tweezers good luck ! those splinters hurt so much ouch! * 4 ur pain! :D

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Got a splinter stuck in my finger?

A couple of good suggestions, so far.Here's another: If any part of the splinter is exposed, see if you can get a piece of tape to stick to it. Then, pull it out slowly.

Help! Splinter stuck in my finger!!!!!?

I somehow manage to get splinters and little pieces of glass in my hands and feet quite often. I've found that picking at it really doesn't help, at least not at first. Try soaking your finger in w... Read More »

Remove a very tiny splinter in your thumb?

Soak your thumb in some very warm (not hot) water with lots and lots of salt that is mixed into the water very well. Soak it for about an hour or so. If you still can't see the top then you will ... Read More »

Will hydrogen peroxide remove a tiny splinter?

Probably not. But a simpler solution would be to wash the area thoroughly in warm water until your skin loosens up, then use a sterilized safety pin or tweezers to get underneath the object.