Specs on the Motorcraft BXT-65-750?

Answer The Motocraft BXT-65-750 is an automobile battery used in a number of different vehicles, including mid 2000's model Ford Crown Victoria sedans. The battery itself was designed and engineered by th... Read More »

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Motorcraft Oil Specs?

Ford's Motorcraft motor oils are manufactured in full synthetic, synthetic/mineral oil blends and purely mineral oil-based types. Motorcraft produces these oils for both diesel and gas-powered engi... Read More »

How to Use Motorcraft 5W-20 Oil?

Motorcraft 5W-20 is a Ford motor oil certified for use in gasoline engines. The brand carries an API, or American Petroleum Institute, certification mark and is recommended for use in 4.0L Ford veh... Read More »

Who makes Motorcraft oil?

The Motocraft oil brand is manufactured in conjunction with the Ford Motor Company. In addition to oil, the company makes coolants, transmission fluids, greases, solvents, cleaners, brake fluids an... Read More »

Motorcraft VC-9: Directions?

Motorcraft VC-9 is a cleaner for your car's cooling system. This product flushes the cooling system of your automobile and cleans it in the process. This ensures that your cooling system performs a... Read More »