Specs for the 1990 Suzuki DR 250?

Answer In 1953 Suzuki introduced a "motorized bicycle" onto the automotive market that eventually transformed into the motorcycles they manufacture today. The Suzuki DR 250 is a motorcycle that was releas... Read More »

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1990 Suzuki DR 250: Specifications?

Suzuki manufactured the DR250 dirt bike from 1982 to 1992. Suzuki intended the DR250 for off-road purposes, but the motorcycle is also a suitable street bike; although the bike is equipped with a m... Read More »

Specifications for a 1990 Suzuki DR250?

The Suzuki DR-250 is an off road enduro-style dirt bike built for racing and riding in rugged terrain. The DR-250 has been on the market since 1982 when it was produced for racing and legal street ... Read More »

How to Change the Air Filter on a 1990 Suzuki Katana 750?

The air filter on a 1990 Suzuki Katana 750 prevents dirt and debris from entering the motor. Over time, this debris builds up over the air filter, clogging its pores and restricting the amount of a... Read More »

Suzuki C50 Specs?

Suzuki, founded in 1909 by a Japanese cotton farmer's son named Michio Suzuki, first made pedal-powered looms. In 1951, engineers at Suzuki started experimenting with attaching a motor to a bicycle... Read More »