Specs for a 1972 351 W Ford?

Answer The 1972 Ford 351 Windsor (W) engine originated in 1969 to power the Mercury Cougar, Ford Mustang, Gran Torino and other Ford vehicles. The 351 W should not be confused with the 351 Cleveland engin... Read More »

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1972 GTO Specs?

The Pontiac GTO originally was offered as an option on the Pontiac LeMans in 1964. From 1966 to 1971, the GTO was a separate model from the LeMans. In 1972, the GTO returned as a LeMans option. The... Read More »

1972 302 Engine Specs?

In 1972, Ford was the only major manufacturer that produced a 302-cubic inch engine. The 302 had gone through some changes over the years prior. Due to emission regulations, the 1972 302 is grossly... Read More »

1972 Mercedes 350 Specs?

The 1972 350 Mercedes came as a convertible (SLC) or a two-door four-seat hardtop (SL). The 1972 350 formed part of the second longest Mercedes Benz model run, lasting from 1971 until 1989 and hel... Read More »

1972 Corvette Specs?

1968 to 1982 was known as the "C3" or "Mako Shark" generation for the Corvette. Named for the 1965 show car designed by Larry Shinoda, the C3 Corvettes' styling was flamboyant and functional. The '... Read More »