Specifications on the 1988 Mustang GT?

Answer The 1988 Ford Mustang is one of the model-year entries of the third generation of production for the iconic pony car. Of its two trims, the GT is the higher-end version. The GT is available as a ha... Read More »

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How to Clean a Mustang Throttle Body on a 1988 Mustang?

The 1988 Ford Mustang was produced with the option of a 2.3 liter, 4-cylinder engine, or the popular 5.0 liter V-8. The 5.0 was given the H.O. (High Output) moniker from the factory, as it was capa... Read More »

Mustang GT 1988 Specs?

In the 1988 model-year, Ford's iconic pony car, the Mustang, came as either an LX or GT model. The GT was offered as either a two-door hatchback or convertible. The 1988 GT featured a much more pow... Read More »

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1988 Mustang?

The positive crankcase ventilation, or PCV, valve on a 1988 Mustang is located on the side of the valve cover next to the air filter box. Look on top of the engine to find the valve cover. There is... Read More »

How to Backflush a Radiator in a 1988 Mustang?

A 1988 Mustang radiator and cooling system is built much like cooling systems installed in nearly all internal-combustion engined automobiles ever made. The radiator is connected by rubber hoses to... Read More »