Specifications of a Yamaha R-8 Stereo Receiver?

Answer A stereo receiver provides a true audio experience when connected to a surround sound system. The Yamaha R-8 is a stereo receiver and amplifier that can be used for playback of AM and FM radio, as ... Read More »

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Can this older Yamaha RX-V690 Stereo Receiver be used as pre-amp for HDTV?

Stereo receiver does not have an optical audio input. It is mainly used for stereo. Today most software are encoded by Dolby Digital or DTS. Your old system can only decode Dolby Logic. It is time ... Read More »

Yamaha 1020 Receiver Specifications?

Not to be confused with Yamaha's A-1020 amplifier, the CR-1020 was a popular line of home receivers in the mid-1970s and is respected today by many old-school home hi-fi purists. In 1979, Yamaha re... Read More »

Would you rather listen to a Modern Stereo Receiver or a 1970's Stereo Receiver?

A lot depends on what receiver your talking about back in the 1970's they made good and bad product just like today everything was not equal, Kenwood was not really considered a top quality brand b... Read More »

What wiring do I need to connect my stereo receiver to my TV that will allow the stereo speakers work with TV?

You need a L and R audio RCA cables and a VIDEO cable. Just connect these cables between your TV and your stereo receiver and you should have high-fidelity for your audio/video system.Happy listen... Read More »