Specifications of 1929 Model A Engines?

Answer The 1929 Ford Model A made in 1929 was the same as Model A cars made between 1927 and 1931. Ford priced these cars between $455 and $795, depending on options. Although the car had a standard engin... Read More »

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The Specifications of a 1929 Ford Model A?

After enjoying the success of the Model T--acclaimed as the first affordable passenger car--Ford Motor Company introduced its successor, the Model A, in 1927. The 1929 model year appeared in the mi... Read More »

Information on the 1929 Ford Model A Chassis?

Henry Ford was never one to fix anything that wasn't broken. He believed that the chassis of his 1909 to 1927 Ford Model T performed so well that it was good enough for the 1928 to 1931 Model A. Wh... Read More »

Specifications for Toyota 2T-C Engines?

With a history in the automotive manufacturing business that stretches back to the 1920s, Toyota had decades of experience when it released its 2T-C engines in the late 1970s. Made for racing cars ... Read More »

Specifications of Ford 4.2L Engines?

Ford Motor Company produced its first engine in 1903. In 2010, Ford is the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the world. Its 4.2-liter engine is featured in many of the truck models Ford pro... Read More »