Specifications for the Upper Intake Manifold for a 4.3 Liter?

Answer The 4.3-liter engine is available from Ford and General Motors. Ford manufactured a 4.3-liter engine displacing 265 cubic inches. General Motors has three models. In the V-8 line, GM produced a 262... Read More »

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1997 Ford 4.6-Liter SOHC Intake Manifold Torque Pattern Specifications?

Manufacturers set torque specifications, expressed in foot-lbs., for specific components such as torque specifications, for components such as the 1996 Ford 4.6-liter manifold. Manufacturers must t... Read More »

How to Install an Intake Manifold on a 3.1 Liter V6?

The intake manifold on a Chevrolet 3.1-liter engine (V-6) has to be removed if you want to change the gasket. If the gasket leaks, excess air enters the intake, which causes the air to fuel mixture... Read More »

How to Replace the Intake Manifold in a 3.1-Liter Engine?

General Motors has released several different versions of the 3.1L V-6 engine over the last two decades, most notably under the Chevrolet and Isuzu family of motors. Keeping a consistent engine ser... Read More »

What is an upper intake manifold gasket?

The intake manifold's job is to manage the level of air that goes into your engine. On most engines it's where the fuel and air mix before they go into the cylinders. The gasket sits between the ma... Read More »