Specifications for the Trans Am Ram Air?

Answer The Trans Am Ram Air was a model of the Pontiac Firebird equipped with a special performance package. The Firebird was produced from 1967 until 2002, while the Trans Am package was introduced in 19... Read More »

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1998 Pontiac Trans Sport Specifications?

The 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport is a four-door, seven-seater minivan manufactured by General Motors. It shares a common platform with the Chevrolet Lumina and the Oldsmobile Silhouette. The 1998 model... Read More »

1976 Pontiac Trans Am Torque Specifications?

The 1976 Pontiac Trans Am featured 455-cubic-inch, 7.5 L engine. While other manufacturers were scaling back their muscle cars' engines due to the 1970 Clean Air Act, Pontiac continued to value pow... Read More »

The prefix trans in trans-seberian railway means A. From B.betwwen C. Across D. Into?

Is palm oil a trans fat?

Palm oil is not a trans fat. It is a highly saturated vegetable fat, also known as a tropical oil, derived from the African oil palm tree. Trans fats are unsaturated.Source:Mayo Clinic: Trans Fat I... Read More »