Specifications for the Samsung 26-Inch LCD TV?

Answer South Korea-based consumer electronics manufacturer Samsung offers two 26-inch LCD TVs, or 26-inch high-definition televisions that use light-emitting diode technology, as of May 2011. They're the ... Read More »

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Why does the sound on samsung 42 inch LCD cut in and out?

Please check the Audio circuit on your Samsung LCD 42 main board. may be a dry solder or a lose jack. please check all on the audio circuit.

My Samsung 55 Inch LED Calibration: Model #UN55C6300SF?

I would get a copy of Cars or monsters INC. They have a basic video and audio if needed calibration.

How to Connect PC DVI to HDMI on a Samsung 3242 32 Inch LCD TV?

For years, HDTVs have been more like large computer monitors than the huge gray boxes we grew up with. Using your television as your computer's monitor is a choice that many users make. The only sn... Read More »

Is the samsung 50 inch plasma 720 P a good buy for 798 dollars?

ya it sounds like a good buy.....but in my opinion if your a gamer you want a 1080p worries....perfect need to worry about burnt images...1080p is the highest and most clear... Read More »