Specifications for the Icom IC-208H?

Answer The Icom IC-208H VHF/UHF FM Transceiver is a mobile amateur radio transmitter and receiver that covers a wide spectrum of available ham radio bandwidth. It features a powerful amplifier and covers ... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot an Icom IC-R2?

Icom's IC-R2 communications receiver operates on frequencies between 0.495 MHz and 1309.995 MHz. Accessories with the device include an antenna, hand strap, belt clip, two Ni-Cd batteries and a cha... Read More »

Icom IC-H16 Programming Instructions?

The Icom IC-H16 can store up to 16 PLMRS (Private Land Mobile Radio Systems) channels at once. And while you may use all 16 or the IC-H16's land mobile channels, there's likely to be one channel th... Read More »

How to Connect an Amplifier to an Icom 725?

The Icom 725 is a CB radio with ports for connecting microphones, headsets and an amplifier to boost signal strength using an ALC-type audio cable. The cable is available at electronics stores, and... Read More »

Icom M45 Marine VHF Radio Specs?

For those looking to purchase a mounted FM marine radio who don't need DSC capability and don't mind buying a used product, the Icom M54, or IC-M54, is a relatively inexpensive choice that comes wi... Read More »