Specifications for a Power Supply for a Dell 8400?

Answer The Dimension 8400 is a series of desktop PCs from technology company Dell. With a power connector located at the upper left of its rear, the computer relied on DC power supply.

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How to Remove the Power Supply in a Dell Dimension 8400?

Computer power supplies are generally reliable, rated to deliver far more power than what the computer requires during a typical workload. Power supplies can fail, however, and if nothing happens w... Read More »

How to Identify a Dell Power Supply Pin?

The power supply of a computer is what takes electricity from an outlet and coverts it into usable power for the components inside the computer. The power supply also contains cooling fans that aid... Read More »

Where is the power supply for Dell W2600?

The Dell W2600 LCD TV's power supply must be connected manually. Included in the box, take the plastic end of the power cable and plug it into the appropriate port on the rear-left side of the TV (... Read More »

Which power supply is suitable for a dell xps 1530?

The Dell XPS 1530 notebook computer can operate with either a 65- or 90-watt power supply. It requires a power feed of 19.5 volts and anywhere from 3.9 to 5.62 amps of current, depending on the po... Read More »