Specifications for a Pioneer PDP-5071PU Plasma?

Answer Plasma televisions are flat panel displays that provide a smooth liquid picture with high quality resolution and contrast ratios, as well as flexibility of placement, as they can be set on a table ... Read More »

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Does Pioneer make the best plasma TVs?

You seriously can't go wrong with PIONEER plasmas! They are the best on the market, with fantastic picture quality and great black levels (whilst still maintaining brightness), but they are a littl... Read More »

Can the Pioneer PDP-V402EA plasma be used as a TV?

The Pioneer PDP-V402EA is a 40-inch plasma display with a 4x3 standard definition aspect ratio and native VGA resolution of 640x480. It could be used to display television signals, but since it lac... Read More »

Audiophiles: Who has filled the "best plasma tv" hole that Pioneer Elite left behind?

Yes agreed the Pioneer Elite was and actually still is the best TV made. You can find them on ocation from time to time, but most people want a pretty penny for them. I own a Pioneer Elite Pro 15... Read More »

Pioneer PL 560 Turntable Specifications?

The Pioneer Corporation is an electronics company originally founded as a radio and speaker repair shop in 1938. Today Pioneer focuses its innovations in consumer electronics, helping in the develo... Read More »