Specifications for a Ford Ranger?

Answer The Ford Ranger was first built in 1982 as a 2-wheel drive pickup truck. The 2011 version comes in three trims, the XL, XLT and Sport.

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The Specifications of a 1999 Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger is a compact pickup truck produced by the Ford Motor Company since 1983. The 1999 Ford Ranger is part of the third generation of Ranger design changes. All of the 1999 models were assem... Read More »

1997 Ford Ranger Specifications?

The Ford Ranger debuted in 1982, with the 1997 model a member of the second generation that debuted in 1993, according to MSN Autos. The car sold well and was the first compact pickup truck to intr... Read More »

1995 Ford Ranger Specifications?

Ford is an automotive company with a long history, pioneering the pickup truck that has come to symbolize hard work. The 1995 Ford Ranger is one such truck that came in a variety of different model... Read More »

2005 Ford Ranger Specifications?

The Ford Ranger had, as of 2005, been the top selling compact pickup truck for 17 years in a row, according to With recent improvements to suspension and brakes, the Ranger added s... Read More »