Specifications for a 2001 Fiat Punto Sporting 1.2?

Answer The Fiat Punto, first built in 1993, is Fiat's supermini vehicle. The 2001 version, technically in the second generation of this vehicle's life, was restyled from the first generation and fitted wi... Read More »

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How to Replace Your Fiat Punto Key Battery?

The Fiat Punto uses a keyless car door-entry system, similar to many vehicles, although the key fob does contain a regular key for emergencies. Point the key fob toward the car when you are a few f... Read More »

How to Fit New Wiper Blades on a Fiat Punto?

Replacing your wiper blades at the right time is easy to do yourself, but it is also a crucial car maintenance task. If you allow your blades to get old, cracked and brittle, they will lose much of... Read More »

How to Replace a Fiat Punto Headlight?

Europe's fifth best-selling car, the compact and stylish Fiat Punto, is equipped with many distinctive headlight features. The Punto has a bold front end with fog lights that blink automatically wh... Read More »

How to Replace Brake Pads on a Fiat Punto?

The Fiat Punto is a supermini sold primarily in Europe. It has been in production since 1993 and was voted European car of the year in 1995. Because of its small size and light weight, the brake pa... Read More »