Specifications for Steel Bollards?

Answer A bollard refers to posts or structures that are vertically aligned. There are various types, ranging from concrete bollards to stainless steel bollards. Bollards can be permanently or temporarily ... Read More »

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Specifications on 12HD Steel Screed?

Allen Engineering manufactures four models of truss screeds under the brand "Allen Razorback Truss Screed." One model is the 12HD Steel Screed. These are made with dual-air piston vibration and man... Read More »

Information on Bollards?

A bollard is a vertical post commonly used to provide protection, guide automobile and pedestrian traffic and highlight walkways. Also known as bumper posts or pipe guards, bollards are often found... Read More »

Bollards Safety?

Bollards are cylinder shaped objects that stand a few feet tall, are typically made of durable metals like aluminum, iron or steel and are sometimes filled with concrete. The main purpose of bollar... Read More »

Why does a steel nail sink but a steel boat float?

Place a nail of any variety of steel in a container of water and it invariably sinks. Make a boat of steel, however, and it floats in water. Of course, it's not through magic that this occurs. It'... Read More »