Specification for an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE?

Answer The NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE is one of the entries of NVIDIA's sixth iteration of the PC gaming-oriented GeForce graphics processing unit (GPU) brand. The 6150 SE was an updated, single-chip version ... Read More »

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Nvidia Geforce 6150 LE?

Gamers' joke is that any Nvidia card w/ the LE suffix means "Lame Edition". Performance of any LE variant has always been less than that of the regular model w/out suffix.

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE graphics card. Do I need to upgrade?

Damn it bro,6150LE is a integrated grafixx card..Infact it's not a grfix card at all. It's just a grafiz accelerator chip bui;t in to the motherboard.So, to play goood games, you definitely should ... Read More »

My pc has a Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE graphics card but i want someting better to play high end games?

Firstly, You Cant Take Out An Intergrated One...Just Find Out If Your Chipset Takes AGP or PCI-E.And Buy One.Secondly. Your Getting Nothing For £30 !You Need To Spend Something Like £80 - £120 F... Read More »

Which graphic card is better-Nvidia Geforce 9400gt,Geforce 210 or an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530?

all of those card are **** cards if you plan on using them for gaming.if you dont play games and you need it for work and watching movies just buy the one that costs less,