Specifically for homeopaths?

Answer I am a Homeopath. Depends upon your age, if you are in your teenage i.e the growing years Homeopathy has an 80% chance of improving your height, best results between 13 to 17 years of age, after 17... Read More »

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How can skeptics have a dialogue with homeopaths?

Natural Healing Through The Ages:While natural therapies been described as the wave of the future, they're actually much older than Western treatments such as surgeries and antibiotics. Experts est... Read More »

Do homeopaths have a nasty side?

The name of the show is "cure or con." Before the show even airs, homeopaths get busy with the rallying, assuming the program will pick "con." Hmmm, very telling.

Homeopaths - Why does ink not get darker when you dilute it?

I do enjoy a little fun at alt. meds. expense and as long as it's not insulting, I can't see any harm in it, this is why I posed this question myself a little while back. Read More »

Question for Homeopaths, Holistics, and other natural healers?

What you're describing could be explained by a chronic subdural hematoma. This would explain the headaches, the extinction, and the leg weakness. It explains Babinski's sign and explains the hemi... Read More »