Specific Duties of the Quality Control Manager in a Plastic Making Company?

Answer The main aim of quality assurance is to make sure that the service or product of an organization or company meets the internal and external requirements. The activities needed to ensure quality sta... Read More »

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Assistant Manager Duties at a Distribution Company?

Assistant managers in a distribution company are the hands-on management of the business. The assistant manager deals with the operational performance of the company on a day-to-day basis. Accordin... Read More »

What Are the Duties of a Safety Manager for a Construction Company?

The construction safety manager is a crucial role responsible for ensuring the safety of the working crew and the future inhabitants as well. In addition to developing safety plans and procedures, ... Read More »

Job Description of Industrial Quality Control Manager?

An industrial quality control manager is a professional who typically works for a manufacturing organization. Responsibilities include ensuring the quality of goods and services, as well as making ... Read More »

Will liability insurance cover it if an employee sues the company and the manager if an employee gets hurt and says the manager was negligent?

Answer Worker's comp would be the employees only refielf unless he alleges the owner was guilty of gross negligence, altered a safety device, etc.