Specialized Characteristics of a Clownfish?

Answer Made popular by the Disney film "Finding Nemo," the clownfish is a small fish that is found in warm waters around the Great Barrier Reef, Red Sea and the waters of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Th... Read More »

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How to Raise Clownfish Fry?

Clownfish are among the most popular saltwater fish in home aquariums. They're colorful, hardy and don't require large tanks or expensive setups that most complex reef tanks demand. Breeding clownf... Read More »

How to Breed Clownfish?

Clownfish are small, brightly colored salt water fish. They can be beautiful to keep and can be bred at home. Here are the steps on how to breed clownfish.

How to Draw a Clownfish?

Clownfish are a popular reef fish. Many people (especially children) recognize clownfish from the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”. They are a fun and relatively easy fish to draw!

How to Feed Percula Clownfish?

The percula clownfish is a member of the clownfish family, which became well-known after the 2003 Disney-Pixar animated film "Finding Nemo." Percula clownfish are omnivorous, meaning they will eat ... Read More »