Special needs of the blind?

Answer from $43,580 to $48,690

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Can you suggest a gift for a special-needs child who is blind and cannot walk or talk?

AnswerA list of toys and items for children who are blinded or have low-vision, can be found on the American Foundation For The Blind website (click on "Family and Friends", then... Read More »

Special needs foster child age 13 she is mentally retarded and almost blind Do these children get extra reimbursement?

Yes, decaffeinated teas and even decaf coffee are safe to drink. Caffeinated teas are even safe to drink during pregnancy, in moderation. The amount of caffeine in a typical cup of tea is much les... Read More »

If someone is blind, but not BORN blind, do they still dream as a sighted person?

we usually dream using the brain centers that have the information stored from previous experiences , so if she saw things before she got blind she will see those things in her dreams , some people... Read More »

Do blind people see their dreams And do colour blind folks see their dreams in black and white?