Special Topics in Economics?

Answer After you have learned the basics of economics, there are still plenty of topics to explore. The term "economics" comes from the ancient Greek word for "household management." This field endeavors ... Read More »

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PhD Topics in Economics?

A Ph.D. in psychology gives graduates comprehensive knowledge in most areas of economics. It is a degree that signifies that its recipients are able to conduct extensive research independently and ... Read More »

Topics for a Ph.D. in Economics?

Pursuing a Ph. D. in Economics is a daunting task. Though your research can and should build off of your previous studies, there are many specific turns that research can take. To narrow down your ... Read More »

Economics Topics for Education?

Introductory economics coursework is taught in middle and high school. Although there are many topics under the broad category, economics is commonly broken down into more focused classes such as m... Read More »

Economics Research Topics?

Economics affects many areas of life, such as politics, history and the development and progress of countries. Many economic decisions of the past, such as the elimination of the gold standard and ... Read More »