Special Needs Children should they be taught seperately?

Answer You're husband may not necessarily have the down syndrome allele. Also the only way you would have a special needs baby is if you also have the recessive (down syndrome) allele. Here are the chance... Read More »

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Should children with special needs be taught alongside children who do not have special needs?

Why? Why would you do that to the special needs child who obviously needs special attention? The extra attention will make other around him or her resentful. The child who obviously doesn't fit in ... Read More »

Should Special needs children be taught in mainstream?

no they are creations of the devil made with weird chins and messed up faces and if you look at them you turn to stone.

What life skills need to be taught to special need children?

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Have you ever taught your children to keep away from those person who can harm them?

Oh, for the love of...Violence against children is not increasing! You just hear about it more now. Information travels faster and more frequently now more than any time in our history. Back in the... Read More »