Special Events to Raise Money That Include Dogs?

Answer Events with dogs will attract a diverse crowd. Animal lovers and philanthropists alike will take interest in a fundraiser featuring man's best friend. Hold these events to support animal shelters o... Read More »

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Intestinal Diseases That Include Thickening of Intestinal Wall in Dogs?

Thickening of a dog's intestinal walls can be a sign of various illnesses and diseases. These diseases have numerous symptoms and treatments, and your veterinarian will be able to help you decide o... Read More »

How to Use School or Community Events to Raise Awareness?

You can take advantage of special events at school or in the community to increase people's awareness about a project, cause or event. You can also use events as an opportunity to engage people in ... Read More »

Can stressful events raise your blood pressure?

Stressful events can raise your blood pressure by causing a temporary spike. For example, if you are stuck in traffic and are stressed about it, your heart will beat faster and your blood vessels w... Read More »

Preschool Special Activities and Events?

Every parent wants her child's first exposure to school be a positive experience. Preschools that offer special days and learning opportunities will no doubt accomplish this goal. But for a presch... Read More »