Special Effects for my webcam Any help is appreciated.?

Answer try infa red of night vision. Really cool looking and cheap too! Good luck

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Help with special effects, Canon 550D?

What you are seeing are photos taken using a true fisheye lens. It sees at least 180 degrees, so you have to be careful not to get your feet in the shot.The least expensice such lens is like this o... Read More »

I have a camera/webcam but I don't know how to upload the webcam part and my guide doesn't tell me I NEED HELP?

I have found that, on most digital cams, if you hook the usb cable up, you can see the cam as a mass storage device, and be able to see the icons for the videos and pics you've taken.. simply make ... Read More »

ViewSonic Webcam and Logitech webcam help?

The Logitech webcam driver software you have installed later did over write some of the ViewSonic driver. The Webcam operating software is still there, but the software supporting some of the cont... Read More »

Any help would be appreciated?

The best ones I can suggest are pyracantha, laurel, virburnam, berberis, conifers, good old ivy or viginia creeper,If you trying one of the latter 2, then also plant a couple of clematis montana. T... Read More »