Special Effect Eye Contacts?

Answer Your eyes are the window into your soul, and they can certainly say something about your personality. These special effect contact lenses can make your brown eyes blue or turn you into a monster w... Read More »

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Halloween Special Effect Contacts - How to Select the Most Knockout Lenses?

There are two major types of Halloween special effect contact lenses - round (traditional shape for contact lenses that only cover the colored area of your eye) and scleral costume lenses (covers t... Read More »

Eye Contacts With Reflective Effect?

Cosmetic contact lenses change the color of the eye's iris. They can be used solely for cosmetic reasons (to make brown eyes blue, for instance) or to correct vision issues as well. Companies have ... Read More »

Allergies effect contacts?

Eye irritation can be a normal effect from the pollen season. Your eyes may begin to sting, water, etc. Maybe you can try wearing your glasses during the beginning of pollen season, or give it some... Read More »

Top gear special effect?

This is called 'time-slice'. It was most famously used in the Matrix films. Another notable use on English television was in the early episodes of the BBC series Hustle.Unlike most special effects,... Read More »