Special Characteristics for Tropical Rainforest Biomes?

Answer The tropical rainforest biome is one of the most diverse and productive biomes on Earth. Tropical rainforests provide 40 percent of the oxygen on Earth even though they only cover about 6 percent o... Read More »

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What are tropical rainforest plants?

Tropical rainforest plants are plants that live in the hot, humid and wet conditions of a tropical climate.BarkThe bark on the trees in a rainforest is usually thin and smooth because they don't ha... Read More »

What Happens When You Cut Down Trees From the Tropical Rainforest?

Tropical rainforests help the Earth "breathe" by filtering out pollution. They absorb carbon dioxide and put oxygen back into the atmosphere. In addition to being home to plants and animals, which ... Read More »

Animals in the Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem?

The warm climate and wet environment that defines a tropical rainforest ecosystem serves as a suitable habitat for a good deal of wildlife. Many of the land-dwelling animals in rainforests are able... Read More »

Dominant Plants in a Tropical Rainforest?

Rainforests have over 50 percent of the plants and animals found on the planet, amounting to around 30 million species. Tropical rainforests occur near the equator, and more than half of them are f... Read More »