Speaking Activities for Spanish?

Answer One of the most important aspects of learning a language is actually putting it into practice and speaking it out loud. Questions and answers are one way to start a conversation in Spanish, but th... Read More »

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Spanish Speaking Classroom Activities?

When learning a language, simple textbook reading and exercises are not enough to achieve fluency. Students need to listen, write and read in the new language. Students learning Spanish need to bec... Read More »

Activities That Promote Speaking in Spanish in Classrooms?

Learning a language requires active participation: listening, speaking, reading and writing. According to Patricia Gorman, a Spanish teacher and translator, "Learning to speak a language only work... Read More »

How many French-speaking nations are there compared to Spanish-speaking nations?

According to the International Organization of the Francophonie, there are 28 countries whose official language is French, as well as 70 member states and governments that speak French. As of 2010,... Read More »

Why is speaking Spanish important?

Millions of people around the world speak Spanish as their primary language---and not just in countries where it's the native tongue. Knowledge of Spanish enables better communication with these pe... Read More »