Speakers don't work after water damage was soaked been 3 days and headphones work please help?

Answer dude Im on the same boat:/

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I have a psp, my speakers dont work but when i plug my headphones it works what should i do about my psp prob.?

I think you used earsets more often than the speakers.The headphone jack(female) is not working or has worn out so it can't switch back the speakers. Have a tech guy to replace it.

My pen-drive soaked in water. Will it work?

It's possible. Take it apart as much as possible, and let it dry for several days before attempting to use it again.

My pc speakers dont work?

Please be a bit more specific...Did you just reinstall your os? Did you update? Have you installed or uninstalled anything lately?When this happened to me it was because I had issues with Windows S... Read More »

What to do if a ipod touch speakers dont work?

Try a different set of earbuds. the wires are so thin and flimsy it is usually those and not the ipod itself or see if it plays in a docking station.