Spanish Speaking Classroom Activities?

Answer When learning a language, simple textbook reading and exercises are not enough to achieve fluency. Students need to listen, write and read in the new language. Students learning Spanish need to bec... Read More »

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Speaking Activities for Spanish?

One of the most important aspects of learning a language is actually putting it into practice and speaking it out loud. Questions and answers are one way to start a conversation in Spanish, but th... Read More »

Speaking Activities in the TEFL Classroom?

Many students who are learning English are shy about speaking a language they don't know well. Classroom games and activities that involve speaking in a foreign language help get all students invol... Read More »

Activities That Promote Speaking in Spanish in Classrooms?

Learning a language requires active participation: listening, speaking, reading and writing. According to Patricia Gorman, a Spanish teacher and translator, "Learning to speak a language only work... Read More »

Activities That Can Help to Develop Speaking Skills in a Language Arts Classroom?

Language arts incorporates study of the construction and use of a living language. Text, oration, discussion and practice exercises are used to promote the development of communication skills in st... Read More »