Spanish Christian Preschool Crafts?

Answer Christianity is a major world religion and the predominant religion in Spain and Latin America. While Christians have the same basic belief structure, every branch and every church is different. In... Read More »

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Christian Crafts for Preschool to 1st Grade?

Preschoolers and first graders have difficulty in verbalizing or understanding the story of Jesus or the mystery of God. Craft projects for children of this age group can help them learn the storie... Read More »

Christian Harvest Crafts?

Harvest season is a good time to talk with children in your Sunday school or church about being thankful for the blessings God provides for them. With the many Bible stories that have application h... Read More »

Christian Nativity Crafts?

The nativity story is the story of Jesus' birth in a Bethlehem stable. Christians celebrate Christ's birthday in many ways, and depicting the nativity scene is one popular way of decorating for the... Read More »

Christian Crafts for Children?

Children make Christian crafts at school, Sunday school and at home for many different occasions and reasons. Teachers and parents always look for easy crafts to teach children that provide a signi... Read More »