Spanish Armada Facts for Kids?

Answer The Spanish Armada was a fleet of many ships that were involved in an important battle that helped to shape the history of Europe and the world. England at the time was a tiny country without much ... Read More »

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Facts on Spanish-Speaking Countries & Capitals?

Spanish, or Castilian as it is known in the New World, is a Romance language that evolved from Vulgar Latin dialects spoken in the central area of the Iberian Peninsula before being codified by Ant... Read More »

Deposition Facts for Kids?

Deposition is the process by which rocks, sand and sediment are deposited by the forces of erosion. Deposition is intimately tied to the processes of weathering and erosion. First, rocks are broken... Read More »

Facts on Quails for Kids?

The quail is an animal native to North America. Once plentiful, the animal has been hunted and is now low in numbers in its native woodland areas. Since the animal is a ground dweller and easy to c... Read More »

Clarinet Facts for Kids?

It is fun to play the clarinet. Its fascinating sound has brought joy to many people, even to the great Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who loved it and wrote two famous compositions in ... Read More »