Spackling Compound Vs. Plaster or Drywall Compound for Repairs?

Answer The best material for repairs depends on the extent of the damage to be repaired and the type of material being repaired. A general rule is to make repairs with like materials, but drywall compound... Read More »

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Spackling Compound for Ceiling Repair?

Spackle -- also known as mud or joint compound -- comes in many varieties. Most types of spackle are available at retail hardware and commercial building-supply stores. Whatever type of spackle you... Read More »

How to Mimic Venetian Plaster With Joint Compound?

Textured walls provide a room with architectural and dimensional interest, and various techniques used with joint compound allow you to mimic the look you want in the room without using plaster. A ... Read More »

Faux Plaster Effect With Joint Compound?

Traditional plaster and lath finish is a painstaking process that creates a textured, high-quality finish. Faux plaster finishes involving joint compound are experiencing a resurgence in popularity... Read More »

How to Apply Joint Compound to Drywall?

Here is how you can easily apply joint compound to drywall, having it smooth and easy to manage.