Soy Free Meat Alternatives?

Answer Most meat substitutes used by vegetarians come in the form of tofu and tempeh, both of which are created from the soy bean, a protein-rich crop that adapts well to flavor and texture transformation... Read More »

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Bison & Elk meat alternatives?

Unless you hunt your own, all wild game is overpriced. Very lean beef is the closest affordable meat you're going to find.

Please suggest some low fat protein alternatives to meat, poultry, fish, cheese, nuts and seeds or tofu.?

Wow! You got a lot of answers! Some are a little weird. :) If quick protien is all you want here you go; Special K2O protien water. 30 calories, NO fat, 5g fiber and 5g protien. You can buy it in... Read More »

Soy-free vegan recipes/alternatives?

Here's what you need to eat. Please make a note of the pulses and vegetables which I've mentioned. Apart from those mentioned, it would be beneficial to purchase fruits and vegetables which are n... Read More »

Free Alternatives to School Break Trips?

For many, school breaks are often the perfect time for family vacations. However, taking a school break trip is not necessary for families to spend quality time together. There are many options to ... Read More »