Sources of Water in Ancient Mesopotamia?

Answer Ancient Mesopotamia consisted of the land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers located in present-day Iraq in the Middle East. Various groups of people populated the lands of Mesopotamia through... Read More »

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Comparison Between Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Mesopotamian Water Sources?

Egyptian and Mesopotamian cultures were both highly successful in very arid regions. Each was entirely dependent on rivers for their water as there was little or no rain in either place. Egypt depe... Read More »

Resources in Ancient Mesopotamia?

Ancient Mesopotamia was on the "Fertile Crescent" between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. These vast rivers provided water and fertile soil for Mesopotamia, which in turn spawned an entire culture... Read More »

Reasons for the Decline of Ancient Mesopotamia?

By 3,000 B.C., ancient Mesopotamia was a thriving area inhabited by the Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians and Assyrians. The fall of the Babylonia Empire in 539 was the last of the great Mesopotami... Read More »

Good Projects for Ancient Mesopotamia for Kids?

It can be difficult to engage kids while studying ancient history, but Mesopotamia, also known as the "cradle of civilization" has many interesting elements that allow for hands-on lessons. Whether... Read More »