Sources of Energy & Alternative Energy Reserves?

Answer Many countries, including the United States, are pursuing new energy sources, both conventional -- generally from fossil fuels -- and alternative, generally from renewable resources such as solar p... Read More »

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Two Alternative Energy Sources?

Energy demand will rise to 678 quadrillion British thermal units by 2030, an increase in worldwide energy consumption of more than 30 percent from 2011 levels, writes Kathiann M. Kowalski, the auth... Read More »

Why Are Alternative Sources of Energy Important?

Fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas found within the earth are finite. They also produce emissions that contribute to climate change. Nuclear energy production is cleaner than fossil fuels, but... Read More »

Practical & Alternative Energy Sources?

Increased concern about the environment, along with rising fuel costs, has led many people to consider alternative energy sources to meet energy demands. Alternative energy is considered less damag... Read More »

Fossel Fuels Vs. Alternative Sources of Energy?

In contrast to fossil fuels, which include coal, oil and natural gas, alternative sources of energy have lower carbon emissions and are considered renewable. Whether or not alternative energies, su... Read More »