Source of a Fragrant Oil?

Answer Fragrant oils or fragrance oils, also known as perfume oils, are the ingredient that gives perfumes and colognes their scent. They are also used to add scent to soap, candles and lotions, among oth... Read More »

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Which non-renewable source is the nation's second leading source of energy?

According to the United States Energy Information Administration, natural gas is the second leading source of energy, accounting for 24 percent of energy in 2008. In third is coal which accounts fo... Read More »

How to Cite a Source That Cites Another Source in MLA Style?

If you write an essay for a high school or college level class, instructors often ask students to cite your sources using the MLA, or Modern Language Association, format. While writing an essay, yo... Read More »

What is the most fragrant honeysuckle?

The winter or fragrant honeysuckle, or Lonicera fragrantissima, is believed to be the most fragrant of the honeysuckles (as the scientific name implies). It's a bush, not a vine, as other honeysuck... Read More »

How many fragrant flowers are there?

More than 250,000 flowering plants, or angiosperms, thrive throughout the planet Earth. Of these hundreds of thousands of varieties, several possess individual scent variations. Although the exact ... Read More »