Soups ready what kind do you want Here is a bowl and the ladle, help yourself!?

Answer Potato soupor maybeClam Chowderor maybeStew

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Guys plz help me out here i want to buy a mobile for my dad as a gift but my dad is not more in technolog?

You could try the Kyocera Dura Core with sprint. The Samsung t159 with T-mobile. The LG Revere with Verizon. Check them out on this site the plans are pretty well discounted

If you have.. THICK HAIR or want to help someone who does.. CLICK HERE NOW! =]?

im a guy and i have pretty thick and kind of curly hair. i suggest getting a cameco (not sure if its spelt correctly). its a hair relaxation.

Know a lot about cancer Want to make it easier for everyone here to help others?

Very good idea there are too many young girls who are not educated in breast cancer facts.We do need to take initiative to show these young girls the true facts of breast cancer.

OK I need help here, I have this huge zit on my buttocks and I want to know if it is safe for me to use?

I think we'll have to bring in the jaws of life for that baby Whatever..