Sound is only coming out of one earphone. What to do?

Answer As the problem exists whichever 'phones you plug in, it indicates that the headphone socket is faulty. Check for debris in the hole; if there's none then the socket will probably need to be replace... Read More »

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Why is sound coming out of one earphone before the other?

How come the left earphone doessn't sound as loud as the right earphone?

right--main music/beat left--base chorus. For iphone/pod/touch, you can change this in a setting called the equalizer

Sound only coming out of 3 of the 5 surround sound speakers?

A lot of the HTIB systems will only play surround from the internal DVD player no matter what else you connect a TV a Blu ray player game machine etc, it will only output surround from the internal... Read More »

Why is sound only coming through one headphone when connected to the audio output of VCR?