Sound doesn't work for The Sims 3?

Answer Go to Your "Documents", Then Go to "Electronic Arts", Then Go to "The Sims 3", Then go to "Options" and delete the file, Next go to "deviceconfig" and delete that, Lastly load up Sims 3 an your vol... Read More »

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How do you fix your sound when you plug a head phone but then when you take it out it doesnt work wWhy?

Because the connector from your headphones is not in the socket, therefore the audio current cannot travel to your headphone speakers, and the headphone will not emit any noise.

Why doesnt the sound come out of your headphones?

Answer yes, the "default" code if it asks you to enter your "old code" (and you haven't yet set a code) is simply 0000

When i listen 2 music with my earphones 1 earpiece doesnt always have there any way 2 fix this...?

Hi, it is always mostly the wire which leads to the headset which would have snapped. If you are using expensive headphones, then it is worth to check out the connections to the headset and have th... Read More »

Why doesnt my video have sound when i transfer it from my camera to my computer?

How are you connecting to your computer? You need to make sure you have audio connections to your computer as well as video.