Sould I pierce my tounge?

Answer If you want to get it, why not? I have two in my tongue and love them. Heres an article I found on tongue piercing aftercare so you know what is in store for you. The better care you take of it,... Read More »

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How do you pierce your tounge yourself?

YOU DON'T! Do you want a wonky piercing in either of those areas? If you do it yourself with little or no experience then you will not get a good angle. You are also likely to get an infection in t... Read More »

I got my tounge pierce and theres a little white bump near the ball how do i remove it?

White bump or white ring around the piercing is normal and to be expected on a new tongue piercing that is healing. Yellow or green paste or fluids anywhere on the tongue, even far from the piercin... Read More »

Sould I get a new computer?

A buzzing noise. Is it sort of like a high speed rattle, maybe against metal? If so then it could just be the fan has moved on its shaft in the power supply. If you do it now you can (if you can... Read More »

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