So...........this certain Irishman walked out of a CAN happen?

Answer They must have been giving away free potatoes across the street.

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What would you do if you had walked away from debt....?

I would look in the phone book for some agency which first of all gives financial advise concerning bankruptcy... regulations and rules. The employees can direct you specificially so you know what ... Read More »

I walked into a table. What do I do?

Sadly there isent much now you can do to stop the bruising, at the time a bag of ice would have help reduce swelling, sadly you will have to deal with the pain. general pain killers may help also.s... Read More »

Has a Jew ever walked on the moon?

In every generation there have been gaonim and gedolim who have gone even higher. But as far as is known, no Jew has stood or walked on the surface of the moon.

A fly walked on me!!!! Should I be worried?

No. It is just a fly. They are dirty and all, but the amount of dirt that they carry doesn't affect you enough to worry at all. Flies land on people all the time, there is absolutely nothing to wor... Read More »