Sorry,dumb question be nice ok. ( beginner )?

Answer It is like it says ,printer you print, copyer you copy like using copy machine, scanner you scan a document or a picture and save it on a CD or on the the way there is nothing called d... Read More »

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Is this a nice workout routine for a beginner?

You have the same height and goal as me and are doing almost the same thing! I've heard 30 day shred is effective on its own but i've also read that some people just lose inches and not so much pou... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a nice digital camera for a beginner Thanking you in advance for your help.?

i recommend vitatar digital camera i have one and it takes good photos day or night it has a built in flash

Beginner question about using microsoft Excel?

Simply select the data you want to place in order and click Sort.

Random question: does anyone who if chocolate banana bread is nice?

omg i tried it and it honestly tasted aweeesommmmmmee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…