Sorry to be a sad bint but what does lol mean afta messages!!?

Answer I was also not aware of such short words when i was new to chat, you can refer to list of short forms used on the chat commonly @…@};- A beautiful rose for... Read More »

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What does this mean Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro?

You're likely using IE8. If so, click the compatibility button (next to "refresh").

What does BTW mean in email messages?

In email messages, "BTW" is an abbreviation for "by the way." Chatting abbreviations—also known as "chat speak" or "text speak"—are common in many forms of typed conversation such as chat rooms... Read More »

What does "archive" mean in facebook messages?

Archiving a conversation will hide it from your messages view, while deleting a conversation from Messages permanently removes the entire conversation and its history.To archive a conversation, sim... Read More »

What does this "x" by text messages mean?

Meaning that you delete the message...Good luck!