Sorry guys i know this sounds really dumb!!?

Answer I was like you when I started.. It means "Laugh out Loud". Some people may say is "Lots of Love". There are many of them you can see them below... 24/7 = Availible or Open 24 hours a day and 7 days... Read More »

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I feel really dumb asking this but i need to know, how long is a yard?

You're right--3 feet, or 36 inches (1 meter is about 39 inches).

I know this sounds really stupid but how do i scan my face onto the computer?

I'm assuming you have a good reason for not taking a photograph with a digital still camera, like you want that face pressed up against the glass effect with outside light streaming it etc. Why not... Read More »

This probably sounds dumb, but how can I become motivated?

lol. well, if you eat badly, then cut your face off a picture,paste it on a fat person picture to show what you couldbe if you don't exercise.maybe i should do that because i don't have any motivat... Read More »

This sounds dumb but it is there anything potentially wrong with me if i only crap 2 times a week?

No. My ex-husband freaked when we got married and he found out that I only pooped every 2-3 days. He made me go to the dr and she told me I was perfectly fine and that everyone is different.