Sorry, but your device is not compatible with AppsLib... What to do?

Answer Anyone having any luck with this? Coby is saying not their problem, contact Appslib. Of course their site is down.

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How do you build a device which is Android Compatible?

Sorry I don't know how but I give my blackberry to cellphone shop and he install android on my phone curve 8520 I wish I know how he do it but I can't ask him cause he will not tell me this his work

How to Install a Windows XP Compatible Sound Device?

While most computers are designed with onboard audio capabilities, a dedicated sound card can open up new levels of audio quality and sound effects. When installing one of these sound devices, it i... Read More »

If Apple made a game console that was compatible with both a Mac computer and an I-device. Would you buy it ?

why would they make a gaming device?think about why people buy the incredibly popular iPod Touch?

Everytime i download instagram on my android transform it sayd this phone is not compatible with this device ?

Mines saying the same thing on my phone I have Huawei-M835 android what do I do to fix this problem